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Determining Correct Bracelet Length
Three Star Jewellery offers necklaces, bracelets, rings, ear rings, head pieces, body jeweller and others in all standard sizes. However, should you need any specific size, we will get it done for you…no issues. The best way to find out your jewellery size is to go to a Three Star retailer and try on different sizes.

Determining Your Bracelet Size:
If you have to measure your bracelet size on your own, you can measure your wrist using a measuring tape. The bracelet must not be too tight, as there should be room for charms. However it should not be too loose either as it may slip off your hand. A good way to determine the correct bracelet length is that you should be able to put a finger between your wrist and the bracelet.

Determining Your Ring Size
Knowing your ring size makes it much easier to buy a ring. It can also be a huge help for those who want to buy you a present. There is a variety of advice available on the Internet on how to measure your ring size. These methods can give you an approximation of the size but are seldom exact. We therefore recommend that you visit a Three Star retailer to have your exact size measured. Jewellers are used to this and can give you the best guidance.


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